Benefits for Lodge & National At-Large Members:


  • Free print & online subscription to Italian America® magazine,  the most widely read cultural magazine in the U.S. for people of Italian  heritage.
  • Access to, and information about issues, programs, reports  and research important to Italian Americans, and other benefits  available only online.
  • Discounts on various products and services, including genealogy  research, travel, Italian language instruction, and more. See  participating vendors on the Benefits and Discounts page.
  • Email promotions and giveaways.
  • Early notice of new features on
  • Eligibility for OSIA scholarships and participation in OSIA youth programs.
  • Italian America® magazine advertising discounts.

Additional Benefits for Lodge Members Only

  • Hold local, state and national leadership positions in OSIA.
  • Represent your lodge at local, state and national meetings of OSIA.
  • Vote on important issues within OSIA, the Sons of Italy Foundation® and the Commission for Social Justice®.