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There are 9 Lodges in CT. OSDIA Lodge members can hold local, state and national OSDIA leadership  positions; represent lodges at local, state and national meetings; and  vote on important issues within OSDIA, the SIF and the CSJ.


  • Dues vary by lodge
  • Lodge Members are entitled to all OSDIA benefits. 

 Your membership helps OSDIA to

  • Promote Italian language and culture in U.S. schools and colleges.
  • Educate the general public about the historical achievements and contributions of Italians and Italian Americans.
  • Fight the stereotyping of Italian Americans by the U.S. entertainment, advertising and news media.
  • Advocate for Italian Americans pursuing federal and state  appointments, and for important legislation affecting the Italian  American community.
  • Assist Italian American students and young professionals with their  career plans through internships, mentoring, and youth programs.
  • Award scholarships to young Italian Americans at leading universities.
  • Donate funds to medical research, disaster relief efforts,  education, cultural preservation and other important projects. [nearly  $117 Million]
  • Support Italian government efforts on a wide range of cultural, educational, and humanitarian activities.

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Grand Lodge of Connecticut

14 Cella Terrace, North Haven, CT 06473, US